12 May 2021

What is the impact of Covid-19 on online training performance?

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Covid-19 didn’t leave a single industry unaffected.
Albeit positive or negative, everyone noticed the undeniable changes within their own environment.
Also at Perception4Perfection, we noticed a significant increase in participations.

If we look at the number of completed sets before the pandemic compared to the moment the pandemic hit, we can see a significant rise in participations. In a way, it is not surprising because

People can practice whenever, wherever and as much as they want.

Initial rise in participations at the start of the first lockdown

Continued rise of participations as lockdown proceeded.

The 22nd of march, 28 sets were completed on the online training application, two days later on the 25th of march, 234 sets were completed. That is a rise of 735% in 2 days time.

The numbers of participations proceeded to grow as the first lockdown went on.

The peak of the number of participations was measured the 28th of April 2020 with 344 sets of 20 clips completed in one day. That is a rise of 1.128% compared to pre-lockdown numbers.

As the first hard lockdown eased down and normal life started to pick-up again, we saw the numbers of participations go down. Logically, referees had less time than during lockdown to practice their skills in the application and football matches were being played again.

For sure, the benefits of this kind of online training tool are more than clear and will be of great use even when we return to ‘normal life’.

We can clearly see the impact lockdown has had on referee performance, with a significant increase in participations and accuracy.

The last training sets of VARs showed significantly better results. Accuracy of post lockdown sets were very high from the first exposure. As we can see, set 5 had an accuracy of 93% that eventually rose to an impressive 95% on the last exposure, this is a significant improvement compared to earlier numbers which were more in the 70%-80% range.

Covid-19 definitely impacted everyone in some way or form, however the increased time spent at home that resulted in higher participations from Perception4Perfection users clearly resulted in higher accuracy scores for all of our users.

That’s why we highly recommend to keep practicing and using the online training platform on at least a weekly basis in order to keep improving.

We are on a mission to develop smarter and faster decision-makers, are you joining in?

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What is the impact of Covid-19 on online training performance?

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