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Perception4Perfection strives to offer the best perception and decision-making training possible for every role a match official can fullfill in professional football. That's why we offer hundreds of clips varying from VAR interventions, offside / no offside decisions and goal / no goal situations.

As a referee, we offer 2 different options to sign up for our training platform

National football association

If you are a referee part of an official football association, your association has the possibilty to sign up to our platform with a bigger group of referees within their association. Your association will have the possibility to choose between different membership options. Depending of your membership, the association can receive monthly group feedback regarding the performances of the officials. This feedback has always been very valuable, and the data shows a clear improvement in referee performance as participations increase.

A national football association can sign up by appointing a national administrator who will be responsbile for creating the group of referees that will receive access to our platform. The pricing of the membership will depend on the size of the group of referees that is signing up and the type of membership options they choose.

Individual License

Because we want to help as many referees as possible in improving their level, we also introduced individual memberships. These memberships are aimed at the referees who are not part of an official football association, referees that are not in the group of users that the national associations signed up to the platform or referees that are part of an association which is not currently a P4P customer. Just like the associations, you will individually receive access to all practice sets for the modules you sign up for. Currently we offer 3 kinds of practice modules.

  • Referee module
  • Assistant referee module
  • VAR module

It is also possible to acquire 2 or 3 modules at the same time!

For more information regarding all membership options:

Perception4Perfection can also supply an extended range of services you might be interested in. Take a look at our offer and don't hesitate to contact us to see how we can help you!

Below you can find a typical example for each of the different training types we offer and match officials are exposed to at P4P:

VAR training

Offside / no offside decisions

Goal / no goal situations

Foul / No foul situations


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