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Werner Helsen's training for (Assistant) Referees in Macedonia:

The UEFA Referees' committee has appointed the 18 referees and their referee assistant teams who will take charge of the 51 matches at UEFA EURO 2020.

Perception4Perfection is proud to offer it's online training application for the referee teams to prepare themselves for the tournament.

Here you can find a list of all referees and assistant referees who are selected.

Orsato about his Champions League final 2020

Dream comes true for referee Orsato. 

Remember 20 years ago

Exactly 20 y ago, on Friday June 10th, the opening ceremony of the EURO2000 took place, followed by Belgium’s 2-0 win over Sweden. For the very first time in the history of football, the match officials were based together in a hotel, just like any other team with daily training and recovery sessions and video debriefs. Since then, this has become routine for all major championships in UEFA and FIFA. It was a privilege, a pleasure and an honour to be actively involved as physical coach and sports scientist since the beginning and it still is such a great experience to be part of the UEFA football family!

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