26 May 2021

Want to experience the real perspective of a VAR?

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In a constantly evolving and digitalizing world, football has also been subject to substantial changes and innovations.

In 2019, the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) was introduced for the first time in a UEFA Champions League match.

Right now, VAR technology is being used in 45 domestic leagues, 18 domestic cups, 11 continental cups and 16 international team competitions.

Previous research conducted by our own research group, showed that VAR technology impacted positively on decision-making accuracy. In our study that monitored 2195 competitive football matches across 13 countries, we observed that the VAR conducted 9732 checks of potential match-changing incidents.

Our results clearly showed that the predictive odds for making the correct decision following a VAR intervention, prove to be significantly higher than for the initial referee’s decision, with accuracy increasing from 92.1% to 98.3%.

Although VAR has been subject to many discussions, it has certainly been very beneficial for football as the number of incorrect decisions by referees decreased significantly.

At Perception4Perfection (P4P), we strive to improve referee performances for different levels and roles of officials. Also for VARs, P4P provides access to hundreds of different match incidents with the typical split screens to challenge their decision-making skills and to assure they are match ready!

Curious to experience the real perspective of a VAR, and which decisions he/she has to take?

Challenge yourself via this clip that is part of a P4P training set for UEFA VARs!

Want to experience the real perspective of a VAR?

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